New alliance promoting benefits of carbon capture for rural America

by | Jul 27, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

There are great debates happening about the environment and how we should proceed to make things better. That debate has gone on in the way we are managing our soil health, how we handle spraying the products we need to maintain our crop health. Now, there is a great debate over how we reduce the carbon we are producing during the manufacturing process of ethanol.

Carbon capture has been the debate we have been covering in Iowa as the proposed carbon pipelines have been argued for a few years. Many people want to see proof that this is the best option we have. Others want to know if pipelines crossing the state are going to be a danger to citizens and if eminent domain will be used to seize access to private lands. During the debate, I have never heard anybody question whether or not we have to do a better job at reducing emissions in any part of the production process. Carbon capture itself hasn?t even been attacked in arguments. What people are mostly concerned with is pipeline safety and private land rights.

A new coalition of groups has come together to talk about the benefits of the carbon capture idea for rural America. The American Carbon Alliance is led by CEO and Executive Chairman Tom Buis, former CEO of Growth Energy & President of the National Farmers Union. He says the goal is to talk about what the benefits of carbon capture are to rural America.

Buis outlines the specific benefits that the group is advocating.

A lot of the carbon we are hoping to capture is right now leaving plants through the smokestacks and into the air.

Buis says that they understand there is concern over the safety of pipelines and land rights. He counters that there are pipelines all over the country already and we can look to their safety records.

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