National Pork Board helping producers raise pigs sustainably

by | Nov 23, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Sustainability in farming has been at the forefront of the ag industry in recent years with producers learning about ways to grow and tend crops sustainably in a manner which allows farming for many years to come. However, sustainable farming does not just apply to growers of row crops. It is also a big focus for livestock producers as well says Dale Stevermer, a National Pork Board – board member.

Stevermer says that the NPB is still striving to help implement the six principles of the ‘We Care’ program which was coordinated along with the NPPC. Those six principles are food safety, animal well-being, employee care, public health, environmental impact, and care for the community.

The NPB has also utilized a life cycle analysis that has studied the improvements in hog farming over the past five decades.

Stevermer says a producer from 50 years ago would be awestruck by a modern-day hog operation if they could experience a modern farm today.

Stevermer says that some producers may be reluctant to change the way they operate their farm strictly based on family tradition.

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