Markets bracing for a turbulent couple of days

by | May 10, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

We know that there are a lot of outside factors that can shape the trajectory of our markets. Many of these factors are the results of the actions of other countries around the globe. Whether it?s purchases of our crops or invasions of smaller countries, the markets are going to be bracing for the worst while hoping for the best over the next week to ten days.

First up, is the WASDE report. The recent cancellations of Chinese corn purchases, it is going to put a lot of negative pressure on this Friday?s report. Jim McCormick of AgMarket.Net tells us more.

While a few more cancellations could be expected, we could also see a shift in when those purchases will happen. Outside of China, Brazil and the Black Sea are also putting some question marks on the market forecasts.

Be sure to be talking with your market advisors to make sure you are in a good place if things turn a bit rocky.