Making necessary farming changes

by | Dec 5, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Focusing on sustainability practices as the pillar of a farming operation.  That may mean a dramatic change for yours and it requires a daily focus on how to improve:

“Working ag retail actually really brought me onto the sustainability journey that I’ve been on, and I’ve seen it pay.  You know, I started off with nutrient use efficiency products and then I began seeing these farmers like Dan Voss and other area farmers find benefits of cover crops like a weed suppression.  And I thought man, there’s something to this.  So I began investigating in an effort to help farmers find economic benefits, at the end of the day it could be a lot of things including cost share or carbon programs.”

He says help is readily available for you to get started or expand:

“These ag retailers, specifically Linn Co-op Oil here in Eastern Iowa, they’ve been very supportive they reach out to myself, the Conservation Agronomist at the Iowa Soybean Association, and others in seeking solutions for farmers.  I’m proud to work very closely with them and and try to provide those answers to our area.”

If that’s not enough, there’s statewide help available as well from your investment in the soybean checkoff, which he says, is providing a great return:

“Yeah, Iowa Soybean Association Research Center for Farming Innovation is providing a lot of opportunities.   I mean, anything from nitrogen trials to seating rates, you know we really work for the Iowa farmer.  I always tell farmers, I say, what do you want to know?  We can provide those answers and it’s really nice to be able to provide trial work ad in my opinion, this sky’s the limit on that.”

it’s a fascinating time to be involved in Iowa agriculture, there’s no question about that.