Make sure to heavily consider yield potential before replanting

by | Jun 17, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The plentiful amount of rain we have received so far this crop season has been a blessing for the drought conditions across the state. In fact, Iowa is now entirely drought-free. However, receiving so much rain in a relatively short period of time also has some consequences. Pioneer agronomist Carl Joern said farmers will want to take a look at their nitrogen levels and consider some additional management strategies to make sure those nutrients are getting to the crops.

Joern said it’s also a good idea to allow for extra time for the soil to dry, as overworking the wet soil can cause further issues.

Replanting is not a desirable thought to be having, but crop scouting can help make sure that you’re only replanting areas that need it. Joern said it’s very rare for an entire field to have the same crop stand issues.

When it comes specifically to soybeans, Joern said it’s very rare that he would suggest a farmer tear up an existing stand of soybeans- instead, they can thicken up the existing stand.

Joern said it’s a similar story for corn- much of the highest yield potential is in that initial stand of the crop, so it’s important to try and keep that if possible.

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