Less downtime leads to getting more done

by | Aug 9, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The new 5000 series planters from Kinze, available for the 2024 season, are designed to help farmers make changes and adjustments on the fly and minimize maintenance and downtime in the field. The quicker the seed discs are changed, or an adjustment is made, the faster a grower can get back in the cab and back to work.

Eric Broadbent is the vice president of North American sales with Kinze and he says that the enhancements made to the new 5000 series row unit make all aspects of planting easier for the grower.

Both new 5000 Series planters, the 5900 and 5700, are three section front fold models with features that meet a wide range of farming requirements.

Broadbent says that many of the new features of the 5000 series planters were inspired by customers.

Features such as greaseless and shim-less pivot arms and scraper-equipped adjustable spoke gauge wheels save farmers time with maintenance and get them back in the cab.

Eric Broadbent says that today’s farmers need to be able to adjust equipment while on the move, without a lot of tools.

The 5000 series row unit operation is integrated with the Blue Vantage display system that that controls all transport, planting, fertilizer, camera and data functions. Each new 5000 series planter features one camera standard with three additional cameras optional.

The True Speed high speed meter makes planting possible from speeds of 3 to 12 mph. True depth hydraulic down force also ensures ideal consistent seed depth.

The new planters will replace Kinze’s current 4905 and 4705 models with the same configurations.

The 5900 will be available in 24-row, 30-inch; 16-row, 30-inch; and 12-row, 30-inch configurations. The 5700 will be offered in 36-row, 20-inch and 24-row, 30-inch versions, as well as a 24-row, 20-inch narrow row planter.