Legislation creating uncertainty for pork producers

by | Jun 10, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

When California’s Prop 12 legislation was enacted into law to begin 2024 it signaled a major change for the pork production industry with one state enacting a law that determined how pork was raised across the country. For pork products to be sold in California they must meet the requirements set by the law that require 24 square feet of space per breeding pig.

For producers this has raised questions about whether similar legislation will be passed in the future and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Michael Formica is the National Pork Producer Council’s Chief Legal Strategist and he says that Massachusetts has also passed recent legislation that affects the shipment of pork products.

He says the threat of state legislation that can quickly change pork production practices makes planning for the future difficult for producers.

Formica says the effects of Prop 12 are already being felt by California’s consumers.

That was Michael Formica, the National Pork Producer Council’s Chief Legal Strategist.