Keep your sprayers in tip-top shape

by | Jul 5, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

As the wet weather has us thinking about fungicides, and we plan for late-season herbicides and insecticides; it is good to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your sprayer running efficiently. Your bottom line is going to heavily weigh on this sometimes-underappreciated piece of machinery.

Mark Duffing is an Application Product Manager at Ziegler Ag Equipment and he talks about daily tasks farmers should remember when amid the spraying season.

Also, many farmers should realize that like with any other piece of equipment, sprayer tips and nozzles aren’t one size fits all.

Drift mitigation is something that isn’t hard for farmers to deal with. It is not as intimidating as it sounds.

Preparation even now can make things easier next season.

Duffing says there is a wealth of information available for farmers from Ziegler and many other online resources. It isn’t hard to find.