In times of need, access to food is the top priority

by | May 24, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Following the devastating tornadoes that ripped across Iowa this week, many people are in need of food and shelter. Luckily, we have organizations like the Food Bank of Iowa that are already poised to help meet that need and aid in the disaster relief effort. Emily Shearer, senior manager of food acquisition and advocacy, said plenty of people who have never needed the aid of a food bank before suddenly find themselves in that very position following weather disasters like the tornadoes we saw this week.

As an example of Iowa Nice, Tyson Foods reached out quickly following the tornadoes to donate meat to the Food Bank of Iowa.

Shearer added that anyone can visit the Food Bank of Iowa’s website to make general donations, and they can even specify them for areas like Greenfield. Additionally, those who are in need of resources can connect through the website as well.

Again, that website is