Heartland Greenway just first step in carbon sequestration future

by | Aug 25, 2021 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Carbon is talked about in a very negative way when it comes to environmental discussions. We hear terms like, ?carbon sequestration? or ?carbon footprint? being used to describe the negative impacts on the climate and what can be done to help it. While it is true that carbon is the problem that we face in these ecological endeavors, it is also a part of our ecosystem. So, how do we capture carbon to prevent it from damaging our planet any further, and use it in a way that can benefit us? That is one of the answers coming from a new project that will make its way across Iowa, and other Midwestern states.

The Heartland Greenway project is a pipeline system that will serve biofuels producers and fertilizer facilities in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Illinois. Most of the project?s footprint will be in Iowa. Elizabeth Burns-Thompson is Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for Navigator CO2 Ventures LLC. She gives us background on the project.

It is taking the first steps in carbon sequestration for agriculture. The carbon captured in this project will be stored in an underground facility in Illinois. From there it will eventually calcify underground and become part of the Earth?s rock formations.

When the project gets up and running at full capacity, it will sequester enough carbon each year to equal the removal of 2.6 million cars, the planting of 550 million trees, or removing the carbon footprint of Kansas City one and a half times over.

As we said earlier, much of this project will have its footprint in Iowa. Burns-Thompson says that about 80% of the project will be inside the state.

While they are starting this project with biofuels and fertilizer facilities, the goal is to bring many more rural industries into the system. Burns-Thompson says that the goal is to have many ?off-ramps.?

Burns-Thompson adds that this is just the first step in adding on to this pipeline and constructing more like it.

You can learn more about the Navigator Heartland Greenway project by logging on to their website.