Groundbreaker year for Bayer Smart Corn System

by | Sep 20, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

In its inaugural year of widespread growth, Bayer’s Smart Corn System had plenty of challenges to overcome. Despite the issues from drought and severe weather, farmers are still excited for short corn to be more widely available. Devin Hammer of Bayer said they’ve been very pleased with the performance of the Smart Corn System in its groundbreaking year.

Short stature corn doesn’t lose out on yields because the distance between nodes was shortened. That means it still has the same number of ears while being much shorter in height. Hammer explained the benefits of growing short stature corn.

Hammer said they’ve specifically been impressed by the resiliency afforded by the short stature corn.

Hammer added that Climate FieldView allows farmers to work closer with their agronomists and make the best choices with their Smart Corn System hybrids.

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