Giving thanks for our Iowa Ag blessings

by | Nov 23, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, Beans

Celebrating what it’s all about this holiday weekend, the multigenerational families that make Iowa Agriculture the fantastic industry that it is, all while providing providing our daily food, fuel and fiber.  We pay tribute to two of the in the latest episode of Pods of Potential with their friends at the Iowa Soybean Association. You can find it at or at for your holiday listening enjoyment.  Dan Voss is the 5th generation family farmer in Western Linn and Eastern Benton Counties and has been named Iowa’s Conservation Farmer of the Year in 2023:

“My great, great grandfather, he was immigrant from Prussia. He mined coal in southern Iowa and he bought farm ground up here, starting around 1867, so I would be generation five and our son, Brian, who teaches at band community, he’s number six.  Every once in a while if I’m having a bad hair day, I think about how bad ddid they have it, you know?”

To that point, there’s no question that even though the daily frustrations can seem overwhelming, we do have it better than probably anybody ever has before. Certainly we have better help than we ever have before, like that of Evan Brehm, Conservation Agronomist with the Iowa Soybean Association:

My wife is a school teacher and you know, we really enjoy the community and there’s something about conservation that really just connects you to the community itself.  So yeah, having grown up in this area, it’s just really nice to come back and hopefully try making an impact by working with the farmers who are making an impact on sustainability.”

Which is substantial indeed.  Now they both have some great ideas for things that you can try to improve conservation in your own operation for the upcoming growing season and again, you can find it all in the Pods of Potential Podcast wherever you get your favorite podcast, at and at