FSA assisting Iowa farmers with derecho recovery

by | Aug 19, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The state executive director of the Farm Service Agency in Iowa reminds producers of important FSA resources and programs that can help with derecho recovery efforts.

In a recent interview with the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network, Amanda De Jong said local county FSA offices are here to help farmers during these challenging times.

?We?ve got a full suite of disaster assistance recovery programs that are not necessarily dependent on a disaster designation,? De Jong said. ?What they do require is that producers timely report losses to our offices. We do have a few offices that are still without power. We have one office in eastern Iowa that was badly damaged and will be closed until that building can be repaired, but we are still going to be providing service even if it means you need to call a neighboring county or any of our counties. We have nationwide customer service. Any of our counties can help assist our producers during this time.?

De Jong notes some of the programs offered through FSA.

?If they have had any livestock moralities ? any animals killed because of the weather event ? we have a program for that,? De Jong said. ?We have the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) and we?ve already heard from several counties that are going to be wanting to use the Emergency Conservation Program to help with cost share of debris cleanup.?

?We also have a Tree Assistance Program,? De Jong continued. ?That will be important for any orchards or nursery tree farms. We can help replace trees and repair damage that might occur on those properties. That?s good for vines, as well as bushes and trees.?

One other program De Jong mentioned is the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP), which is for uninsured crops.

?A lot of specialty crop growers in Iowa have NAP policies with us and they need to let us know if they have any losses on those crops,? De Jong said. ?They need to notify us just like they would an insurance agent on an insured crop. They need to file that failed acreage or notice of loss with us.?

More information can be found on the Farm Service Agency of Iowa website.