Firestone Ag Maxi Traction? line is ready to get you going in 2020

by | Apr 10, 2020 | 5 Ag Stories, News

When you are working in the field, you cannot afford downtime or equipment that doesn?t measure up. That level of performance starts from the ground up, literally. You need to have tires that can carry your various implements and trucks to where they need to be. Firestone Ag?s Maxi Traction? line is up to the task.

Audio: Full Interview with Brad Harris of Firestone Ag

Brad Harris is with Firestone Ag. He tells us about the Maxi Traction? line they make right here in Des Moines.

The new line also will have their IF and VF load formulas. It helps you haul more load than a standard radial tire or reduce the pressure when you need less compaction in less than ideal conditions.

As the size of implements continues to increase, Firestone Ag?s Maxi Traction? line can keep up with the increased workload.

To learn more about the Maxi Traction? line, just your local Firestone Ag retailer