Fertilizer prices down at an inopportune time

by | Mar 27, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Fertilizer prices skyrocketed for much of 2022, but 2023 is a different story so far. Prices are down almost across the board from this time last year. Unfortunately, as planting season approaches many farmers have already locked in their plans and pricing for fertilizer. Unfortunate timing says Josh Linville Vice President ? Fertilizer with Stone X Financial.

World events, geopolitics, and weather have wreaked havoc on the fertilizer industry and have driven prices up and caused volatile swings in recent years. Josh Linville says he doesn?t think this is the new normal for fertilizer inputs.

The Mississippi river hitting record low water levels last summer and fall made it very difficult to move products such as fertilizer on barges efficiently with low traffic levels. That problem has subsided but a new threat looms for river traffic.

Linville says there is one question that all growers want to ask when it comes to fertilizer pricing.

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