Fendt is forward thinking without forgetting the “little guy”

by | Apr 9, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The technology we see coming through the agriculture industry is astounding. When you stop to think about how far we have come, it’s amazing that we aren’t that far removed from the days of horses working in the fields. I only need to go back to my grandfathers to know that connection. While these technological strides are amazing, it isn’t amazing that much of the technology isn’t being brought forward with the small and medium-sized farmer in mind.

We all remember the backlash over Former Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue’s comments about getting bigger or getting out. Whether or not they were taken out of context or not, is not what I am addressing. It is the fact that the comment stirred a larger debate in the agriculture industry. A claim that many smaller farmers and ranchers have been concerned with for some time. Why is it so hard for the little guy to grow, and why is the playing field different regarding farm size and access to better technologies?

Allow me to circle back to where this fits into today’s topic. We are seeing technological advances in the equipment we use. Better and smarter controls, crop data at our fingertips, and smarter equipment that can assess a situation and take appropriate actions in milliseconds are amazing unless you are a small to medium-sized farm.

This is why Fendt is reminding farmers that they are looking to the future of equipment technology, but they are making it accessible to farms of every size. Brandon Montgomery is with Fendt, and he talks about the need to make their equipment available to all farmers.

When it comes to the quality assurance that Fendt gives its customers, Montgomery talks about what they bring to the table for the farmers of this generation… of all sizes.

Montgomery says it is all about that peace of mind that all farmers need to be successful in their operations. If they can rely on their equipment, it gives them the freedom to focus on other business needs.

Learn more by visiting the Fendt website, or with your local Fendt dealer.