Farmers should be prepared to call an audible for 2024

by | Nov 29, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

As progress moves forward, we sometimes have to adjust the way we do things to get the best results. While the basics of farming have not changed, and will likely never change, how we incorporate new technology and practices is very important. Not only is technology a driver in change, but also field conditions and weather. We know that there has been more than one season where we have had to call an audible and sometimes MacGyver a way to get our crops and livestock across the finish line.

The drought we have dealt with over the past years is a testament to how we pivot and adjust our approach for next spring. Topsoil and subsoil moisture levels are at a level that is concerning for farmers looking at next spring. We don’t know what amount of snowfall we will get. We don’t know if we will have a wet or dry spring. All we know is based on the information we have available now; it’s dry.

So, as we finalize our plans for the 2024 growing season, we may need to face the fact that our standard way of doing things may need to be modified for the next year, and that is going to start with the seed. Jed Norman is with LG Seed, and he talks about being able to call an audible in an unusual situation.

Norman says that you may want to seriously consider diversifying your seed portfolio. Tailor it to the needs of every acre or problem spot in your field. We are long passed the days when you can expect the same hybrid to perform well all over, or to settle for the average of the good and bad acres.

Norman says that in some spots we need to play “defense” in our acres. Sometimes we need to adapt to take on Mother Nature. LG Seed is ready to help you customize a seed portfolio that meets your needs.

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