Farm bureau survey shows Thanksgiving dinner cost up 20 percent

by | Nov 17, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for spending time with family and friends. Farm Bureau?s 37th annual Thanksgiving Dinner survey provides a look at the cost of this year?s classic feast for 10. This year?s price tag is $64.05, up more than ten dollars from last year?s average of $53.31. It still works out to under $6.50 per person. The centerpiece is the turkey, which costs more than last year at $28.96 for a 16-pound bird. It?s 21 percent higher than last year. Other ingredients in the meal include stuffing mix, dinner rolls, milk, sweet potatoes, a veggie tray, pie crusts, and several others. The only traditional ingredient that?s cheaper than last year is a bag of fresh cranberries at $2.57, 14 percent cheaper than last year. American Farm Bureau Chief Economist Roger Cryan said factors driving the prices higher include general inflation, supply chain challenges, and the war in Ukraine.