EATS Act is seeing pushback. Where do we go from here? (Part 1)

by | Aug 3, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

We have talked at length with Iowa lawmakers supporting the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act brought forward by Congresswoman Ashley Hinson in the House and in the Senate by Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas. According to what we have been told, it is meant to prevent issues like Prop 12 in California, where each state could have guidelines that dictate how any products are produced.

Most producers and industries have agreed that having 50 regulations that could contradict each other would be a nightmare. However, there are also groups and producers who are saying that the EATS Act goes beyond what we are being led to believe and that it will open the door for more Chinese control of our food industry. We will get to that in a future installment of this topic.

Today, we will focus on what is happening with the EATS Act in the Senate. We got an update from Iowa Senator Joni Ernst.

I asked the Senator about the preliminary concerns we have been hearing from the opposition to the EATS Act. Ernst says that the first concern is getting a uniform set of rules in place to avoid 50 states with 50 regulations, then we deal with the offshoot issues.

As of the publication of this piece, we are awaiting replies to requests for interviews with an organization speaking against the EATS Act and will have that side of the story very soon.