Earning extra premiums and extra revenue per acre

by | Sep 13, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Benson Hill has invested in growth in the state of Iowa by expanding its infrastructure in the state. With a soybean crush facility in Creston, a warehouse and seed treatment location in Bondurant, and facilities for high oleic soybeans for specialty use, Iowa growers are earning extra premiums and extra revenue per acre by doing business with Benson Hill.

Tracy Snider is the farmer marketing director with Benson Hill and she says that the Benson Hill soybean crush facility in Creston Iowa allows farmers to earn extra premiums and extra revenue per acre.

Snider says that Iowa’s soil and Iowa’s farmers can produce a wide range of soybeans for a variety of uses.

Whether growing specialty high protein soybeans for human consumption or a soybean variety that will eventually become a fish feedstock, Snider says that a contract to grow Benson Hill soybeans takes a lot of the unknowns out of the process.

She says that producing more value from each soybean is a goal of Benson Hill.

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