Dekalb Hybrids have another excellent year in 2022

by | Mar 31, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, Commodity Classic 2022, News

When it comes to putting your plans together for each crop year, you obviously want to make choices that are going to give you significant results for your investments. That all starts with the seed you put into the ground. That is the base upon which the rest of your plans are built.

While all of you are great at growing the corn that feeds and fuels the world, there are some who raise it to an art form. They are the producers that consistently do well in the yearly yield contests put on by the National Corn Growers Association. These growers use methods that are as diverse as the areas in which they farm, but many of them do have something in common; they plant Dekalb corn.

Kathleen McKittrick is an Area Business Manager with Dekalb/Asgrow. She talks about the successes they are seeing with Dekalb brand corn. They had a large percentage of national winners and had state winners in the triple digits.

McKittrick adds that they are not only seeing consistent winners that use Dekalb hybrids, but they are seeing winners use products across the whole portfolio of seeds. She adds that this fact speaks to the genetics that Dekalb has and is bringing to farmers all across the country.

McKittrick talks about the work that Dekalb is doing to maintain their level of success, and the success of their farmers. That includes hybrids that are poised to handle any challenges thrown at them, including those nasty rootworms.

McKittrick talks about the support you will get from SmartStax Pro against the billion-dollar pest.

To look at what Dekalb can do on your acres, talk to your local retailer or visit the Dekalb website.