Court filing on year-round E15 in the Midwest

by | Dec 1, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird filed a motion for summary judgment regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to respond to a request to sell year-round E15 in Midwest states. Iowa and six other states filed an opt-out request that would allow them to sell E15. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says biofuel leaders have been more than patient. “For over a year past the statutory deadline, they’ve waited for EPA to follow the law and allow them to make E15 available in their states year-round,” she says. “They have been forced to return to court to compel EPA to do something it was required to have done by July 2022.” Skor also says in its continued decision to illegally delay acting on the governors’ request, EPA has cited fuel distribution concerns that are greatly overstated. “It’s a low-carbon fuel that saves consumers money and is better for the environment,” she adds.