Corteva Agriscience expects big yields from Enlist

by | Sep 11, 2018 | 5 Ag Stories, Farm Progress Show 2018, News

An agricultural company, dedicated to customer success, is offering growers more options for weed control. A company representative talks about the new tools available and shares how farmers can get the most out of the weed control system.

AUDIO: Andy Fordice, Corteva Agriscience?

Corteva Agriscience? recently offered its Enlist E3? soybean trait to select farmers participating in a closed-loop marketing program involving an ADM facility.

Andy Fordice, Category Leader for Corteva Agriscience?, says the new soybean trait gives growers ?another bullet in their gun? to help combat resistant weeds by providing a new and enhanced mode of action in a herbicide trait stack.

?With Enlist E3? soybeans, they?re going to have the ability to use three different herbicides in crop: glyphosate, glufosinate, and our new 2,4-D choline,? Fordice said. ?Two,four-D choline is going to bring another new mode of action that they can use in crop. It?s not the 2,4-D of the pass. It?s a brand new form of 2,4-D that brings ultra-low volatility, minimize potentially for physical drift, low odor and better handling characteristics.?

The new 2,4-D choline can also be found in the Enlist One? herbicide as a single entity and Enlist Duo?, as a premix with glyphosate. With an enhanced herbicide lineup, Corteva Agriscience wants growers to get the most out of the system. Fordice talks about Enlist Ahead, a management system designed to inform growers about best use practices.

?The management system we have in place was baked into Enlist? back in 2012, before we were selling it. That?s called Enlist Ahead,? Fordice said. ?Enlist Ahead gives us tools, trainings and rewards for growers to use the system and use it right. With the training, we?re going to give them in-field, in-person, and online training. Wherever growers want to learn about the product and how they can use it best, we?re going to have a system available for them with Enlist Ahead.?

The Enlist? weed control system is available for use in cotton and corn. It will soon be available for use in soybeans, following a trial phase. Corteva Agriscience anticipates soybean growers, participating in the Enlist? E3 soybean trait program, to report big yields. Growers familiar with the Enlist? weed system describe it as ‘outstanding.’