Corn fighting against E15 struggles and Mexico ban

by | Mar 24, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Recently, we?ve talked a lot about corn?s success with export sales, especially when we discuss market prices. But there are two other things that the corn industry is battling right now that are really impeding it from reaching its full potential: the Biden administration?s reluctance to establish year-round E15 sales and Mexico?s planned ban on GMO corn imports. Fortunately, we have Iowa legislators who are actively working to get these problems solved and invigorate the corn industry even further. Iowa 2nd District Congresswoman Ashley Hinson said she?s been pushing the Biden administration for an immediate E15 solution.

Not only would year-round E15 stimulate Iowa?s corn industry, but it would also provide consumers with a cleaner and more affordable fuel option.

Mexico?s corn ban would only further complicate things in the corn industry. Hinson said it?s important to keep Mexico accountable for the agreements made in the USMCA.

It?s important to follow the science with proven data and research, and that?s no different for GMO crops. Hinson said people need to listen to the facts from the ag industry instead of other anti-GMO propaganda that has been pushed.

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