Connecting with consumers to put more pork on the plate

by | May 22, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Among younger generations in the United States, fresh pork consumption is on the decline. What does that mean for the pork industry and how can the industry adapt to make pork the protein of choice for younger consumers?

That is Bill Even, CEO of the National Pork Board. The National Pork Board is engaging in research to determine the needs of pork consumers and what their perceptions of pork are. Even says that the United States pork industry needs to continue to make the changes necessary to appeal to younger consumers.

He says that the research is designed to learn what the consumer wants, needs, and expects from pork products.

Coming up in part two of this story we will hear more from Bill Even and Brett Kaysen of the National Pork Board as they discuss the research being done by NPB and the pork checkoff to further connect with younger consumers.