Climate FieldView keeps track of data, helps farmers use it

by | Nov 21, 2019 | 5 Ag Stories, News, Trade Talk 2019

We have Data collection going on almost constantly on the farms. You have data from your tractors, planters, drones, and more. All this data is designed to help you make informed decisions, but how do you make sense of it all. Climate FieldView is doing just that. Taking file cabinets worth of digital data and making sense of it all so you can get back to running your operation.

Audio: Full Interview with Rick Myroup of Climate FieldVview

Rick Myroup is with Climate FieldView. He says they can help you get all your data into one place so you can make your decisions based on everything you are getting back.

Myroup says that in challenging economic times, it is imperative that farmers can make sense of all this data and make proper choices.

Myroup says you cannot simply make decisions just on 2019 data. Yes, there are lessons to be learned, but you also must compare it to historical data. Climate FieldView can help you do just that.

Myroup talks about what is coming in 2020 for FieldView.

Myroup says farmers have a lot of data, but not a lot of time to spend analyzing it, and that is where FieldView can help.

You can find out more about Climate FieldView by visiting their website.