Cenex premium diesel products ready for 2019

by | Mar 18, 2019 | 5 Ag Stories, Commodity Classic 2019, News

When you are finishing up your plans for the 2019 growing season, you are squaring up a lot of inputs. You are looking at things like seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, and equipment. You make a lot of great choices for what you put in your ground. Cenex wants to remind you to make those same good choices about what you put in your fuel tank.

Audio: Full Interview with Akhtar Hussain of Cenex

Diesel engine technology keeps improving as time goes on. The new engines are capable of so much more power. So why just put any old fuel into them? Akhtar Hussain, Director of Refined Fuels marketing for Cenex says the changes in engine technology means we need to have changes in diesel quality.

Hussain talks about the performance and emission demands of newer diesel engines.

Cenex Premium Diesel burns cleaner, thus eliminating the combustion issues of lower-quality fuels.

Hussain says to unlock this premium technology, look at Ruby Fieldmaster for your tractors and Roadmaster for your over the road equipment.

For more information, visit your local Cenex retailer.