Boosting crop efficiency in times of tight margins

by | Apr 8, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

When commodity prices are high, farmers might be more willing to try new and different products to ensure the best crop. However, when commodity prices are reduced, farmers are going to opt for products that they know will be reliable and effective and give them the best crop possible, says Michael Hoxmeier with Meristem.

Even with commodity prices not as high as they have been in recent years, Hoxmeier says farmers are still interested in learning about and trying Meristem products because they are backed by results.

Hoxmeier says utilizing Meristem’s planter box technology can help optimize plant performance from the very beginning of the growing process.

He says that Meristem’s website is a great resource for growers to see the data and technical information behind their products.

That was Michael Hoxmeier with Meristem.