Bio-based seed treatments help fight white mold and SDS

by | Apr 1, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Soybean growers are always attempting to maximize yield and increase return on investment by making sure they are utilizing every tool available to them. Whether that is meeting with a local agronomist to make sure they have the right traits for their operation or selecting the most effective crop protection products. Another area in which farmers are finding tools that allow them to grow the best beans are biological products such as those offered by Heads Up Plant Protectants.

Colin Dutcheshen of Heads Up Plant Protectants says that his company focuses on providing soybean farmers help with two aggressive yield robbers.

He says the new Heads Up RTA Seed Treatment has been popular with retailers and growers.

Dutcheshen says fungal diseases are difficult to control because of their ability to thrive in the soil of a soybean field, even if a grower is rotating with corn.

One of the hidden benefits of the products from Heads Up Plant Protectants is that they add no extra work for farmers.

For more information Dutcheshen says you can contact him directly.