Belchim?s new TOUGH 5EC? is ?tough? on Iowa weeds

by | May 3, 2021 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Weed control is a conundrum for many farmers. Weed populations, herbicide resistance, and government regulations are just a few of those worries that farmers must contend with every year. Belchim is a Belgian-based company that uses an underutilized mode of action and sees great results in battles against many glyphosate-resistant weeds like Waterhemp.

Audio: Full Interview with Belchim USA’s Tom Wood

Tom Wood is the General manager of Belchim USA. He gives us a little background on the company. While they are relatively new in the United States, they are a company with a long history.

Belchim has launched a new corn herbicide called TOUGH 5EC?. Wood says it shines on resistant weed control.

Wood says they are using an ?underutilized chemistry? known as pyridate. It is by no means new technology, but with its lower rate of use, it is effective where glyphosate resistance has built up. Pairing TOUGH 5EC? with atrazine gives it an effective and speedy killing capability on tough broadleaf weeds.

The who?s who on TOUGH 5EC?s hit list is quite extensive. Pyridate has no known weed resistance in the world. This is including that pesky glyphosate-resistant Waterhemp & Palmer Amaranth.

There is plenty of supply to use in the 2021 growing season, and they are bringing more in to meet the demand they are expecting to see. You can find more information about TOUGH 5EC and where you can find it on their website.