Audubon FFA members talk mission trip with GoServ Global

by | Apr 18, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

This past winter, members of the Audubon FFA chapter went on a mission trip to Liberia with GoServ Global to help build homes for those who are in need of shelter. GoServ Global provides support to all people who are in need, and a lot of that support comes in the form of Sukup Safe T Homes, which are made from grain bins. Audubon FFA members Addie Hocker, Colton Hansen, Kerrigan Larsen, and Edward Miller were at Iowa FFA Convention and took the time to explain what their trip was like. Hocker said she enjoyed the opportunity to observe how people over there live their lives.

Hansen said it was also interesting to check out how they grow different crops.

It’s a much more simple and fluid way of life in Liberia, which Larsen said is something that she admired during her visit.

Miller echoed those sentiments, and he added that the people they met are able to find joy in connecting with the world around them.

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