Atmosphere continues to pull moisture from soil

by | Jun 19, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Despite recent rainfall events, drought conditions are unfortunately continuing to expand across the state. The atmosphere is so dry that it?s pulling what little moisture we have out of the soil. Iowa State Climatologist Dr. Justin Glisan provided an update on the latest drought monitor.

At this point, Glisan said there have been plenty of reports of drought stress in crops throughout the state.

The rain this past weekend dumped a great amount of rain over central Iowa, but Glisan said this week is going to continue the drier and warmer weather pattern we?ve become all too familiar with.

While El Nino has changed much of the climate here in the Midwest yet, Glisan said the southern states have been seeing a much more active storm track.

Glisan added that there is one silver lining to the dry weather- our corn roots have been forced deeper, so they could be more prepared for drought if those conditions stick around during pollination.

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