AMVAC SIMPAS? is ready to apply your agronomic prescriptions

by | Dec 30, 2021 | 5 Ag Stories, News

In the metaphoric war on weeds, not only do you need the right ammunition, but you also need the bigger and better guns that are able to use that ammunition more effectively. Inputs are going to be tight this year as we see fertilizer price increases and supply chain disruptions that will likely affect the cost and timeliness of your supply deliveries. Having that more efficient way of putting your inputs into the fields is going to help you minimize the number of passes you will need to make in your fields.

AMVAC is here to remind you about its SIMPAS? system, and how it can help you save in the long run by minimizing those trips in the fields.

Audio: Full interview with AMVAC’s Jim Lappin

Jim Lappin is the Director of the SIMPAS? Product Portfolio at AMVAC. He reminds us about how the SIMPAS? system works. They have developed the add-on equipment for your planters, with the help of Trimble. He also talks about how it has been tested and its use expanded over the past two years.

SIMPAS? allows producers to take prescriptions from their trusted agronomist and apply them zone by zone, rather than across the entire field. Lappin uses nematodes as an example of how the system allows you to target problem areas.

Lappin talks about the software that the SIMPAS? system uses, and how it can interface with the existing precision ag equipment that you are running.

To learn more about the SIMPAS? system, visit their website.