AgroLiquid offering new Back 2 Basics video series

by | Mar 28, 2022 | 5 Ag Stories, Commodity Classic 2022, News

AgroLiquid is offering a new educational video series that examines the benefits of a crop fertility plan based on a complete soil analysis.

Stephanie Zelinko, national agronomist with AgroLiquid, tells IARN that the Back 2 Basics video series is intended to take an in-depth look at the nutrients that may make a difference in your crop. AgroLiquid experts go in the order that they look at a soil test analysis to help farmers understand the role each nutrient plays in the plant.

?This is a series of 16 videos where we look at the basics of a soil test. We?ve picked apart all of those different components and did about 5-minute videos covering why that nutrient is important, and then what we can do from the crop fertility side to improve that in a growers operation.?

Zelinko talks about the importance of understanding soil pH.

?All of those are kind of that backbone of your soil. That?s going to help you determine how many nutrients you can hold, what nutrients are going to be available or tied up in the soil, and then how they all connect and interact with one another. Those are good starting points to have.?

Zelinko says the educational video series is free to the public and can be found on AgroLiquid?s website. New video topics for 2022 include nitrogen, zinc, manganese, iron and more.

?We will talk about how they interact or react with other nutrients in the soil. Zinc and phosphorous have a very strong correlation with one another. We will cover that in both the zinc video and the phosphorous video. And then we will walk through all of those nutrients, how they interact, and then what we can do to help build a soil test program around that.?

Zelinko made her comments to the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network at this year?s Commodity Classic in New Orleans.