Agoro Carbon Alliance working to transform farming practices globally

by | Nov 4, 2021 | 5 Ag Stories, News

AUDIO: Agoro Carbon Alliance – Money Matters 11-5-2021

Carbon credits have been a leading topic in the agricultural sector this year. The team at Agoro Carbon Alliance is taking action on a global scale to reverse the effects of climate change by decarbonizing farming and restoring carbon to the world?s soil.

Backed by Yara, one of the world?s agricultural leaders in crop nutrition, Agoro Carbon Alliance believes it has the agronomic knowledge, global network and technical expertise to make carbon cropping practical and profitable for all of its partners.

Todd Carlton is a regional sales manager based in Iowa for Agoro Carbon Alliance. He says the carbon marketplace is a hot topic right now.

?I get the theory of holding out before getting into a new market like this,? said Carlton. ?But the problem with that is if you are adopting these new practices that help qualify you for the carbon markets, you actually kind of disqualify yourself. As long as you read your contract ? fortunately ours has been put together by folks like myself that have been involved in Ag for over a decade ? if you get involved today and the price jumps to $50 a ton ? for instance, three years from now ? and you are a part of Agoro, we?re going to be with you to help you move from the current price today to $50 a ton. You are not going to be locked in or missing out.?

Agoro Carbon Alliance is supporting decarbonizing the global food value chain. Carlton says they activate Yara?s deep agronomic knowledge and credibility with new technology to enable farm-based carbon solutions that support and incentivize farmers? transition to carbon cropping practices.

?One of the things we try to do is educate early,? said Carlton. ?A lot of farmers we have found disqualify themselves before they ever really get to asking a lot of questions. The second thing is we find out are they transitioning to these practices, and if they are we can help financially make that jump. And then we have a schedule of payments to actually continue to reward them.?

Carlton says each member of the Alliance has a responsibility – and an incentive – to play a collaborative role in creating a climate-positive future. For more information, visit