Agoro Carbon Alliance celebrates two-year anniversary

by | Jun 20, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Recently, Agoro Carbon celebrated its two-year anniversary, and the company is aiming to build upon that momentum in the carbon market. The U.S. is a key market for carbon sequestration, which is driven by the willingness of American farmers and ranchers to engage in regenerative agriculture practices. Clay Craighton, Agoro Carbon Midwest area sales manager, said it?s been a productive start, and it looks like they?ll see continued growth.

In just two years, Agoro Carbon has boosted farmer and rancher incomes, bringing the total to more than $15 million in payments made to farmers and ranchers since the company began. Craighton said those payments have helped tremendously with farmer enrollment.

With growers across 24 states enrolled in the program, Agoro Carbon estimates that 5 million tons of carbon will be sequestered over the course of 10 years. Craighton said the growth has been great to see, and they?ve been doing whatever they can to keep up.

Craighton said they also have a carbon calculator that producers can use to see what payments they can get for their operations.

The flexibility of those payments is what most producers have valued the most.

Craighton added that he encourages producers to at least look into the possibilities within the carbon market.

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