AFB says only short farm bill extension may be needed

by | Oct 30, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

An American Farm Bureau official says just a short-term extension of maybe a few weeks will be needed to write a new farm bill but complains lawmakers should have done their job already.

That is American Farm Bureau Managing Director of Government Affairs Ryan Yates.

Yates insists that a new farm bill can still be completed with updates in reference pricing.

However, with just a few legislative weeks left to the year and a new Speaker facing many other challenges agreement on a new farm bill will not be easy.

That extension is one demanded by the clock.

Yates says he’s hearing in House circles that only a few extra weeks may be needed—not the one-year extension Senate Ag leaders are considering with a presidential election year coming up. Meanwhile, Yates says the Farm Bureau will continue to press lawmakers to, as he puts it, “do their job” and get a farm bill done as soon as possible.