Abnormally wet weather creates difficult nitrogen decisions

by | Jul 5, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

The excessive rainfall in the Midwest, which is on top of an already mild winter, is increasing the risk of nitrogen and other nutrients leaching through the soil before the crops- specifically corn- can use them. As such, farmers must decide if they need to stick with their current nitrogen plan or make adjustments and increase their usage of in-season nitrogen. Brandon Hulme, an agronomist with Champion Seed, offered some insight into how the weather can impact the availability of nutrients.

Hulme said a lot of conversations with farmers this year have been about what changes need to be made to make sure that nitrogen stays available.

Pollination is coming up here soon this month, and that’s when nitrogen uptake starts to really increase. Hulme said that’s when these nutrient deficiencies can be observed.

Hulme said he encourages producers to consider all of the options available for in-season nitrogen application to make a plan that fits their operation best.

Since that nitrogen needs to be available during tasseling and pollination, Hulme said now is the time to evaluate and make those potential changes to your nitrogen plan.

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