A new water quality product available for you in 2024

by | Nov 15, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Another option when it comes to improving water quality on your farm and benefiting your crops will introduce you to a new product from Helena. There’s a lot of information being disseminated during the 80th National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention including a lot of discovery on new products and Bill Smith with Helena explains their opportunity in the marketplace as it relates to helping improve your farms water quality.

“Yeah, we’re super excited to introduce a product to the market. Called ResGenix, we launched this product about a year ago to the specialty market golf courses and now it’s evolved into the ag. It’s a product that’s super simple to use, easy to use, handling is great and what’s really neat about is it improves soil aggregation and all soil types, strengthens water holding capacity and it helps mitigate soil erosion.”

A lot of benefits certainly there, including that improved water holding capacity and perhaps that will help soybeans during pod development and pod fill if there’s an extended dry period like this growing season.

“Tremendous amount of flexibility with ResGenix as growers can utilize it on corn, soybeans, multiple crops.  They can put it down with some of the practices they’re already doing with a pre herbicide or a post herbicide, maybe even a fungicide. They need to talk to their Helena representative or their ag retailer about how ResGenix to see how it can fit best in their farm, but the take home point here is it’s not an extra trip, it can be implemented it into their operation where it best fits as an agronomic solution.”

One of the many new options for your farm in 2024.