A bold, modern, simple, and seamless way to buy seed

by | Sep 22, 2023 | 5 Ag Stories, News

Buying the right seed for your operation is one of the first and biggest steps of the growing season. Golden Harvest is attempting to make that process simple yet personalized for each grower with GHX, a new way to buy seed.

Morgan Dugan of Golden Harvest tells the Iowa Ag Radio Network that the seed buying process needed an overhaul and Golden Harvest has attempted to change the way seed is purchased with GHX.

Buying the correct seed for a farming operation is one thing but purchasing the correct seed for each field of your farm is even better. Dugan says GHX can help a grower to find the ideal seed for each field.

He says interested farmers can take GHX for a test drive and try the digital platform on their own.

GHX is designed to give customized recommendations to help farmers maximize yield and profit potential.

For more information visit: https://ghxseed.com/ghx-experience