High-tech equipment increasing demand for larger farm sheds

by | Jul 8, 2024 | 5 Ag Stories, News

We talk at length about the changes we see in technology and the larger equipment we are seeing in the fields. While we focus so much on how the technology is changing the face of farming and how it makes us more efficient with our resources and inputs, we tend to forget about one thing…

Where are we supposed to put it when we aren’t using it?

Needless to say, larger and smarter machinery is driving demand for larger sheds and shops in which to store and maintain it all. Dennis Lee is the Farm Product Line Manager for Morton Buildings, and he talks about the trend we are seeing in building needs.

It seems that farmers are implementing high-end components in the new sheds. Some of these resemble what we used to see in garages used by racing teams.

It’s not just the sheds, but the doors farmers use to get that larger equipment inside. It’s not just as simple as the old-fashioned sliding door. Not only does it have to be larger, but it must do a better job of protecting what’s inside.

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